Using Your Online Casino Bonus Wisely

Online casino bonuses seem like something too good to be true. Do you know why? Because more often than not, they are! Whether it’s a no-deposit bonus or some new-comer deposit bonus, terms and conditions typically apply, this is why it is important to read the fine print.

From easy to follow conditions, like only being able to withdraw the winnings on top of the bonus, to outrageous conditions, like only being allowed to withdraw once you win 20x the amount of both your deposit and bonus, knowing what you’re getting yourself into is the first step to using your casino bonus wisely, learn more about how online casino bonuses work at Casino Lista.

What to Avoid

Unless if the online casino you are looking at is a complete scam, most conditions are doable. The difficulty of which varies, though. Still, it doesn’t matter if it is doable. If it’s too difficult to achieve, you are most likely not having fun. Avoid these “bonuses” if you can:

  • Required to win quadruple or more times of your deposit and bonus to withdraw.
  • You are only allowed to play your bonus games with a high house advantage like slots.
  • You are required to deposit before you can withdraw your No-Deposit Bonus Winnings.

These online casinos reserve the right to freeze your accounts if you are deemed to be taking advantage of their bonus system.

Note: These online casinos are often legit. They just use “bonus” as promotional and marketing tools.

What to Look For in Online Bonuses

Online bonuses are not all unfair. Good casinos use them as a great way to attract clients to their platforms. The good ones are straightforward enough; “You get to keep whatever you make on top of the bonus.” These are the rarer ones. But don’t count on finding those, most of these types of bonuses are limited-time promotions. Here are a few examples of the good ones:

  • Match deposit type of bonuses. (whatever you put in the casino matches it)
  • No-Deposit Bonus (try to choose one with a reasonable amount, like $10)
  • Preferred Deposit Bonus (a bonus you get when you deposit through the casino’s preferred method.)

Basically, what you are looking for are reasonable bonus amounts. If it looks like they are giving you outrageous amounts of free money, it’s often no good.

How to Use It Wisely

“Free” money is often tempting to splurge, but try to resist that temptation. Online casinos, the legit ones at least, use bonuses as a way to attract new players. If you lose all of your money and bonus, you often don’t get another chance at it. Do not lose your chance in starting with the house’s money.

When gambling, the first goal is to win enough to play with the house’s money. Bonuses offer a great way to start with. While it is designed and advertised as a way for you to try out their online casino “with less risk,” do not use it as such. Your goal is to win enough to withdraw your deposit amount. After that, you can either use the remaining as a side income or enjoy gambling to your heart’s content until you run out of money.