Tips When Playing Online Slots

Online Casino slots are a bit different from its brick and mortar counterpart; there are no good or bad machines to choose from as they all use Random Number Generator (RNG), preprogrammed for random results. The key to having fun and making money with slots is research and money management, which is really hard to do when it comes to flashy games like slots.

There are several things you should know and do before even thinking of playing any slot game. Otherwise, you are assured of losing money and not have a good time. Here are a few tips when playing online casino slots:

Research, Research, and Research

Just like when playing at a brick and mortar casino, it is important to get some info on the machines. Which one pays more often? Which of the slot machines hasn’t paid out in a while? Which seat is the most visible to the waitress?

All of these important to have a good and hopefully profitable time, but since you are playing at an online casino, you’ll have to do the research online.

Forums are the Best Place for Tips

When it comes to info, you’ll have to sift through a lot of rumors, misinformation, guerrilla marketing, and straight out lies, and there is no place better to find that than in internet forums. Call it Reddit, Facebook group/page, or some forum maintained by a small group of people; information from these places can be quite valuable.

When you are reading info from people who are actual players, you get to know each online casino without marketing, and the paid reviews sugar-coating things. You’ll have to Google “best online slots forums” or something similar to get the best results, online info updates quite often so I can’t give you a specific place to go to.

Review Sites

The second most reliable place to find info for good online slots, with paid reviews being a thing nowadays. But you shouldn’t think all reviews are paid for. You’ll have to determine if things sound too good to be true yourself. Reviews, when done properly, come from experts and online casino enthusiasts that spend time on getting to know the site and using their services. It is a valuable place to know if the whole site is a scam or if one online casino’s game payout is better than another’s.

Money Management

I’ve written about money management when playing at online casinos in the past, but each game has its specific strategy that follows the general management rule. Online slots are mostly about money management, as apart from picking the number of combinations, choosing which slot game to play, and “pulling” the lever, there is very little you have control over except for how much money you put in.

Your Budget and Time

You have to set a specific amount that would be your budget for your game, and set a minimum time you will be spending with that amount. For example, for 30 minutes, I will be spending only $30 in this game. To achieve this, you might need to split your money to the minimum amount the machine would take that would still give you a decent pay-out.

I can never guarantee a win, but with this simple strategy, your chances of winning overall go up and, you’ll have a more enjoyable time. And speaking of having a fun time, we urge you to try slot games at iomjapan now!