Shocking Secrets of Online Casino Bonuses

Free money is always enticing. But casinos are not charities. There is no such thing as free when it comes to business. From the very start, people have been skeptical of online casino bonuses. If the big casinos in Las Vegas can’t give away money like that, how could a small online casino in the Caribbean do it?

But when you think of it as a marketing tactic or bait, you recognize that you could equate the online bonus to the buffets, free drinks, and complimentary rooms that casinos give out to high rollers or jackpot winners. It is a strategy to win back their money and then some.

Should You Accept Your Bonus?

Online casino review experts at Casinos Lijst say that often, online casino bonuses are optional. You may opt-in or out through contacting the site’s customer services. Whether or not you should accept your bonus is a very good question with a somewhat difficult answer. The answer depends on how much money you have actually.

The Price of Taking your Bonus

But why “should you refuse free money?” you might ask. Well, because they aren’t completely free. These bonuses often come with certain conditions. Some of them are simple enough to follow, like only being able to withdraw the money you win on top of your bonus, while some feel like they trapped your money.

Rollover rates requires you to play multiple times, tenfold or even more than thirtyfold, of your bonus and deposit. This might be difficult to do if you do not have a lot of money to wager.

Schools of Thought

There are three schools of thought when it comes to accepting bonuses. It might be beneficial if you are either exorbitantly wealthy enough to bet large amounts on a whim, the first school of thought, or have very little capital, the second. The latter requires you to work a bit harder and longer to reach a point where you can finally withdraw.

The third school of thought, where it is more beneficial for you NOT to accept the bonus, is where you are in the middle.

If you have enough capital to place large enough bets above the minimum, while not willing to risk everything, it is best to play with the money you have. This gives you more control over the withdrawal of your funds and winnings.

Limited Options with Bonuses

The online casino will never risk their business for a marketing tactic. More often than not, the money that you get with your bonus can only be used in games where the house has a good advantage, such as blackjack, roulette, and Video Poker. Accepting your online bonus may limit your choice of games, another downside to the whole “free money” thing.

Read the Agreement

It is common practice to skim through, or downright skip, the terms and agreement page. But I implore you, whether for an online casino or not, always read what you are getting yourself into. Taking the time to know what you are getting yourself into will allow you to make proper choices in using their services, opting into a bonus program, and allowing them access and use of your information.